Our story isn’t about one founder, one person, or one idea. Our ownership group of sports agents, nutritionists, and entrepreneurs was founded on the premise that we all deserve better. We all agreed that our bodies were meant to do amazing things. But the modern world is out to get us, robbing us of our energy, clouding our minds, damaging our DNA and holding us back from being our truest, best selves.

When we stumbled on the research that molecular hydrogen gas (H2) can protect us and unlock our body’s natural power, we were cautiously optimistic. Then when we started incorporating it into our daily lives, there was no going back.

We believe that every person on the planet
can live better, perform better, and play better.

The problem was that molecular hydrogen, as elemental and abundant as it is, was still very hard and impractical to use. There were hydrogen-producing machines, but most were producing concentrations of hydrogen in water that were too low to really see amazing benefits, and they were expensive and broke down often. There were tablets, but they tasted terrible and contained additives we weren’t comfortable using over the long term. And there were some ready-to-drink hydrogen products, but when we tested them, the dissolved hydrogen levels were astonishingly low.


That’s why we’ve created ELEVATE. For over three years, we’ve been working with many of the world’s top professional athletes, celebrities, and high-powered executives to help them perform at the highest possible level on a daily basis, and now we’re ready to share these incredible beverages with you. After years of research and development, we’ve figured out how to get unusually high levels of hydrogen gas into our products, and the results speak for themselves.


Every ELEVATE drink will shuttle millions of powerful hydrogen molecules into your cells to supercharge your entire body and mind from the inside out. With our ultra concentration hydrogen-infused enhanced beverages, we’ve created something no one has ever been able to achieve before. For us, every bottle of ELEVATE is an opportunity to help you get your body working for you in ways you’ve never dreamed of before.


Once you start to experience what our products can do for you in every facet of your life, you’ll be hooked forever... It’s time to level up your life with ELEVATE.