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What is Deuterium-Depleted Water (DDW)?

What is deuterium depleted water? Also known as light water, deuterium-depleted Water is a cutting edge type of water that has been shown to potentially elevate energy levels, boost metabolism, and enhance longevity.


Deuterium is a “heavy” hydrogen molecule. Unlike the H2 gas (called “protium”) we use in our beverages, it has an extra neutron.


Deuterium is naturally present in everything - in your body, in the foods you eat, and even in the water you drink.

The deuterium concentration of most of our planets’ water is 150-160 parts per million (ppm).

However, the deuterium levels are naturally lower in higher elevation.

Deuterium is something you do NOT want to have in your body. High levels of deuterium are toxic to living organisms. And when you’re young and healthy, you (along with all other animals and even plants) can remove deuterium easily and efficiently.

Although it seems that our cells do actually make use of some deuterium, we want to keep the levels in our body as low as possible.

Deuterium and Your Body

Here’s why deuterium is really bad for your body:


  • Deuterium can take the place of hydrogen in any reaction where hydrogen can fit, and because of its abnormal properties, it can create issues and disrupt the normal function of things like hormones, fats, enzymes, and cells.


  • Deuterium also slows down reactions when used in place of hydrogen, and not just by a little bit. Some studies suggest that it can slow down reactions by 30x-800x. This can have a “butterfly effect” in your body and create system-wide issues with even just one slowed chemical reaction.

There are two things that can raise deuterium levels in the body:

1. Aging

2. Consuming foods/drinks higher in deuterium, aka modern, processed foods

Benefits of Deuterium Depletion:

  • Boosted Energy


  • Healthier Metabolism


  • Improved Brain Function and Mood


  • Anti-Cancer Potential


  • Better Heart Health