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Formulated to target immune support, resilience, and energy. Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been demonstrated in studies to promote cell detoxification, increase cell hydration, and strengthen the immune system. We've infused H2 into a powerful formulation of nutrients to support your body's healthiest possible immune response. If you want to feel protected, no matter what situation you're in, ELEVATE Immunity is the drink for you.


  • Targets immune support, resilience, energy, and more
  • Proprietary production and filling process for maximum hydrogen retention
  • High Concentration H2 Content
  • Powerful nutrients to promote cellular detox, control inflammation, and boost cell hydration
  • Pure Natural Spring Water base
  • Delicious refreshing clean taste

INGREDIENTS: Molecular Hydrogen Hyper-Infused Natural Spring Water, Organic Vitamin C, Organic Ginger, Organic Turmeric, Zinc Lactate, Colloidal Platinum, Lemon Balm, Orange Extract, Lemon Extract, Citric Acid, Monkfruit Extract, Erythritol