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This Month’s Featured Product: SuperWater

What makes ELEVATE Super? Our unique blend of pristine spring and glacier water is infused with the highest-ever levels of molecular hydrogen gas (H2), a natural 9.5 alkaline pH, and a -650 ORP. This is water elevated to a whole new level. Optimize every cell in your body so you can hydrate, perform, and live, as your absolute best self. The benefits are hard to believe until you experience them for yourself!

3-5ppm H2
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We’ve created the best water ever, infused with the highest levels of hydrogen gas ever seen in a beverage. ELEVATE SuperWater is specifically designed to support your goals in the most remarkable ways possible.

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The Power Of Hydrogen

Since 2007, over 1,500 peer-reviewed scientific studies in the field of hydrogen science has shown amazing evidence of molecular hydrogen’s mind-blowing therapeutic potential.

Why is hydrogen gas the next big thing in wellness? Hydrogen has been discovered to have many unique properties that are truly unlike any other molecule, nutrient, vitamin, or supplement, including:

Hydrogen shows “selective” antioxidant properties, helping to neutralize the most damaging free radicals in the body.

Despite it’s small size and simplicity, hydrogen has been shown to influence over 200 biomolecules in the body, meaning it’s potential to provide benefits are absolutely enormous.

There is no way to take too much hydrogen gas, as it doesn’t build up in the body. When your body has used enough, you simply exhale the rest through your lungs.

Hydrogen has an amazing 100% safety profile - it’s as natural to the body as anything can be.

As the smallest molecule in universe, hydrogen can easily enter any cell in the body to reach important areas other antioxidant-type molecules cannot.

Hydrogen seems to act as a cell-balancing molecule, doing just enough to help your body reach its optimal state, without doing too much.

Hydrogen can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier, exerting possible benefits on brain function, including stress, mood, mental clarity, focus, and memory.

Hydrogen can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Learn more about why you need to know about molecular hydrogen, and how it may be able to upgrade nearly every aspect of your life.

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Subscription-Based For Maximum Benefits

Once you start drinking ELEVATE, you’re never going to want to run out. And nobody wants to run out of a good thing, especially something like this. So at ELEVATE, we’ve taken all the headaches out of reordering or fighting over the last can of ELEVATE in your fridge. We’re innovating and improving our products on an almost-weekly basis, so we’ll make sure you always get the newest and highest quality version of our product, every time. It’s just one less thing in your life you’ll have to worry about.

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Client Testimonials

Drinking this water has helped me with my energy levels and feeling “on point” throughout the day. I’m making better decisions, and my company is thriving because of it.


San Diego, CA

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed has really been in my sleep. Even on a rough training day, I still sleep like a baby. ELEVATE has helped my recovery big time!

Samantha K.

Eugene, OR

ELEVATE is the perfect product. I am feeling much better hydrated and feeling much stronger during the day. I believe my recovery in between workouts has improved as I am working out more with less muscle aches and strains.

Aida M.

Phoenix, AZ

I have noticed a subtle but very real sense of better focus and energy. I love the feeling of not being dependent on coffee. Plus my strength, endurance, cardio, recovery, and overall fitness level feels like it has shifted into overdrive!

Graeme S.

Tampa, FL

I'm in love with drinking this product. I'm not as tired as before, I'm able to go to work and not be as tired as I would before. My overall energy and sleep has improved. It's great, I feel better than before the product. Thank you.

Joe S.

Chicago, IL

I am beyond blown away with the results I've been seeing. I've noticed clear headedness, more energy, and better recovery in my workouts.


Newport Beach, CA

There is no going back to bottled water, this water is the end all be all for my family and I.


Seattle, WA

Drinking ELEVATE water has helped me with virtually every aspect in my life. Better mood, no more headaches, and improved hydration!

Samuel L.

Studio City, CA

After drinking ELEVATE on an empty stomach my mental clarity was on another level! After dealing with attention issues nearly my whole life,I felt so focused, and I couldn't believe it!


Westlake Village, CA

I love that I can drink this water and get antioxidants and energy from it!


Tarzana, CA

I'm noticing a major reduction in joint pain, especially my knees. Going up and down stairs is a lot less difficult these days - and I attribute that to this Superwater!

Zach T.

Phoenix, AZ

My workouts have been amazing recently, and I don't feel nearly as worn out afterwards or sore the next day. I feel like I'm in my 20's again.

Alexandra R.

Ventura, CA

My low back pain - gone! I cannot believe it.

John A.

Portland, OR

This is so much better than regular water, it's not even funny.

Amy I.

San Francisco, CA

There is no going back to bottled water, this water is the end all be all for my family and I.


Seattle, WA

I am beyond blown away with the results I've been seeing. I've noticed clear headedness, more energy, and better recovery in my workouts.


Newport Beach, CA

I really notice this on long runs or other endurance work. Training for a tri and it's been a huge help with my endurance and recovery


Manhattan Beach, CA

After spending a day outside in the sun, there is absolutely nothing that helps me bounce back more than ELEVATE.

Andrew S.

Mesa, AZ

I've had trouble concentrating when I read for pretty much my whole life. But I really believe that ELEVATE has made a huge difference in my ability to focus!


Las Vegas, NV

I was at an event and someone gave me this water. I was more than a little hung over and feeling really out of it, but within a very short period of time I started to feel energized and focused again. I was amazed.


Washington DC

I'm usually exhausted chasing my kids during the weekend, but the Superwater has really helped me with my energy levels. I don't like coffee bc I feel so dehydrated, this is way better!

Isabel R.

Henderson, NV

I love it!

Terry H.

Phoenix, AZ


Jared T.

Fergus Falls, MN

Renewed energy at workouts and sleeping at a new high level!

Eden I.

Port Aransas, TX

I've had chronic pain and tightness in my upper body for years. I may be just crazy but within a week I've seen a major decrease in pain and a huge increase in mobility. I'm amazed!

Alex K.

Los Angeles, CA

So refreshing! I've been taking it out on the golf course and absolutely love it.

Evan J.

San Diego, CA

Really love this Superwater. I can feel the difference!

Florence W.

Westlake, CA

My kids started bringing Elevate to school and now all their friends are hooked

Lauren S.

Santa Monica, CA

Amazing natural energy booster

Laurence P.

Tampa, FL

Helps with my chronic headaches

Edward T.

Seattle, WA

I've tried other hydrogen water brands and I notice a clear difference... Elevate is the best I've ever tried!

Julio J.

Henderson, NV

The water itself is very good and beneficial for health. Vivid dreams, aches and pains disappearing, etc. The paper splash guard is a good feature too!

Loren G.

Palm Beach, FL

I've had recurring knee pain for about 20 years, and for the first time in what feels like forever, my pain is more or less gone!!! I'm amazed.

Gerry T.

St. Petersburg, FL

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