The world’s smallest molecule may just have some of the biggest implications for your wellness and perfomance. Find out why.

Questions about ELEVATE Hydrogen-Infused SuperWater?
We’ve got answers.

You’re right, water does (of course) contain hydrogen molecules. However, the two hydrogen atoms in a water molecule are chemically bound to the oxygen atom. This is a totally different story than hydrogen gas, which is just two hydrogen atoms bound only to each other. You could say that hydrogen gas is “available” hydrogen. Not quite there yet? Think about it this way. We need oxygen (O2) to live, right? And oxygen is in water too, right? So why can’t we just get our oxygen from drinking water? It’s because the oxygen is bound up in the water molecule. We need available oxygen, completely unbound, to breathe. The concept of hydrogen gas works the same way. In order for hydrogen gas to benefit us, it must be in an unbound form. If you were to look at the structure of virtually anything, you’d find hydrogen atoms in it, but those hydrogen atoms are chemically tied up with other things. Glucose, for example contains 12 hydrogens, but those hydrogens are all bound to other carbon and oxygen atoms. The hydrogen behind ELEVATE is “available” hydrogen gas, dissolved at the highest concentrations ever, into our water and beverages.

Yes! Many recent scientific studies have shown there is a clear dose-dependent effect, meaning the more hydrogen the better or greater the effect. There are also many anecdotal reports that suggest that consuming more hydrogen may offer even more benefits. And what’s more, there’s no way to consume too much hydrogen - if you ever were to get more than you need, you’d just breathe it out.

While we’ve pioneered the highest concentration hydrogen water ever, hydrogen gas has been shown to be very safe at concentrations hundreds of times higher than what is being used in our ELEVATE beverages. Here are a few examples: Hydrogen’s safety was first shown in the late 1800s, where hydrogen gas was used by doctors to locate gunshot wounds in the intestines. The reports showed that there were never any toxic effects or irritation to even the most sensitive tissues in the body. Hydrogen gas has also been used for deep sea divers, with absolutely no negative effects, since 1943 (up to 98% hydrogen) to prevent decompression sickness.
Hydrogen gas is even natural to the body. With a healthy microbiome and a fiber-rich meal, our gut bacteria can produce liters of hydrogen on a daily basis (which may be one of the best benefits from eating fruits and vegetables). So not only is hydrogen perfectly safe, it’s as natural as any substance can possibly be to our bodies.

Absolutely not. Our water is naturally alkaline, and we don't add minerals such as sodium bicarbonate to artificially raise the pH. In addition, hydrogen gas has been researched by a vast array of scientists, and the results have been published in over 1,500 high-impact peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Nature Medicine, the American Physiological Society, and more.

We recommend between 2-3 cans per day, depending on your activity level, lifestyle, health goals. For optimal results, drink one can on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning. You can also drink ELEVATE before and after workouts or other strenuous activities.

This is absolutely critical. Hydrogen gas does begin to escape the moment your ELEVATE beverage is opened, so in order to maximize your results, drink your entire can as quickly as possible, ideally within 5 minutes or less. Of course, you can drink it down in one gulp if you’d like!

Absolutely! Simply contact us at hello@drinkelevate.com and we’d be happy to connect you to our distributor in your area.

The truth is, the effects of hydrogen-infused water can vary from person to person. Factors such as age, lifestyle, diet, and overall health can influence how quickly you'll notice the benefits. That said, many of our happy customers have reported feeling more energized and revitalized within just a few days of consistent consumption! For the best results, we recommend drinking at least 2 cans of ELEVATE hydrogen-infused SuperWater per day. This consistent daily intake ensures that you're fueling your body with a steady stream of hydrogen-rich goodness, maximizing the potential benefits.