Hydrogen What You Need To Know

The world’s smallest molecule may just have some of the biggest implications for your wellness and perfomance. Find out why.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is essential for life, and it is present in nearly all the molecules in living things. But pure hydrogen gas (H2) is scarce in Earth’s atmosphere, and any hydrogen that actually enters the atmosphere rapidly escapes Earth’s gravity. On our planet, hydrogen occurs mainly in combination with oxygen and water, as well as in organic matter such as living plants.

Molecular Hydrogen, aka hydrogen gas, is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of two hydrogen atoms… the smallest molecule in the universe. Because it’s so tiny, when ingested, hydrogen can spread throughout every single one of your body’s cells and tissues. This is why hydrogen has been shown in well over 1,000 scientific studies to have therapeutic effects in over 170 different human and animal disease models and in just about every organ of the human body.

Hydrogen has been shown to protect the body from and powerfully reduce the damage of oxidative stress and inflammation, which are at the core of nearly every disease and illness.In other words, Hydrogen gas provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects, but because it’s so tiny, it can do so on the smallest level possible.


Hydrogen water, also called hydrogen-rich water, is simply normal water (H20) that contains dissolved hydrogen gas. You can think of it like carbonated water, but instead of CO2 gas bubbles, it contains tiny H2 “nano bubbles”. These bubbles aren’t noticeable on your tongue, but they provide remarkable functional benefits. Hydrogen water is the easiest way to get these H2 nano bubbles into the body, which provide the scientifically-supported benefits. And although more studies need to be done, more hydrogen does seem to equal more benefits. There is no way to get too much hydrogen - you just exhale it out - and in preliminary studies it seems that there is a clear dose-dependent effect (i.e. more hydrogen = greater effects).

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How does hydrogen work?

According to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, hydrogen acts like a “master signaling molecule” in the body. Because it’s so small, H2 can easily pass through any cell membrane in any part of the body, including the blood-brain barrier, to deliver its therapeutic properties.

For comparison’s sake, Vitamin C weighs 176 g/m while H2 only weighs 2 g/m! H2 can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, but ONLY if there is a condition that is harmful to cells. In other words, it helps to neutralize the bad stuff, while leaving the good stuff alone. This is incredibly important for exercise, because a little bit of damage to your cells is what helps to make you stronger in the long run.

H2 doesn’t interfere with the health benefits of exercise (like some antioxidants actually do, such as vitamins C and E) but it can protect the body from excessive damage. Hydrogen can even stop the body from overproducing inflammatory molecules (cytokines), helping your body neutralize excessive inflammation on multiple fronts.

There have been over 1,500 peer-reviewed studies on molecular hydrogen (h2), including studies published on the following:



Inflammation and oxidative stress? Studies show they are at the root of nearly every chronic ailment known to man. Amazingly, hydrogen may be uniquely able to protect the body from and combat against both of them, helping your body be its absolute healthiest.


Want to workout harder and perform better? Hydrogen has been clinically shown to lower heart rate during intense exercise, and may even improve endurance by delaying muscular fatigue. Athletes around the world are quickly discovering the amazing effects of H2.


Feeling tired all the time? Relying too much on caffeine to get you going? By helping your body make more ATP (your natural energy source), drinking ELEVATE can power you through your day with calm focused energy - without jitters or crashes.


What’s the “holy grail” of performance? Optimizing your recovery. In clinical studies performed on athletes, hydrogen was able to dramatically improve recovery time and reduce inflammation, without negating any of the benefits of intense exercise.


Everybody is dealing with brain fog , and overstimulation, stress, poor nutrition, dehydration, and medication can all be culprits. The smallest molecule, H2, has been shown to easily pass through the blood-brain barrier to protect your brain cells and aid clearer thinking and improved memory.


Having trouble getting restful deep sleep? It could be both inflammation and stress, two things we know H2 is very good at regulating. While no studies have been done directly on molecular hydrogen and sleep (yet), thousands of H2 users have noted - and recorded - deeper, more restful nights of sleep.